Skin:Lumae :: Adore – 4 – Peach // Plum Delight  – 10L The Wash Cart Sale

Eyes:IKON VIP Group Gift – August 2015 – FREE

Hair:Alice Project – Paradise – Mini Medley – FREE – Midnight Mania Prize

Septum piercing:{CC} Nose Pircing – BVF Gift FREE

Bracelet: ..::ILLI::.. Fabree Gift FREE

Jumpsuit: ..::ILLI::.. Jumpsuit Gift FREE

Necklaces:** Amala – Subscriber Gift FREE

Clutch:..::ILLI::.. Thirdlife Gift 2015 FREE

Shoes:  zOOm- Free Gift – Boutiques Village Fair FREE




Wall:**Frogstar – Mint Valentine Soft Romantic Wallpaper GIFT! –FREE

Bench:junk. sled seat. forest. – junk. group gifts. – FREE




< THAT > Mesh Cats – no longer available

HAIL Kitten – FREE Marketplace

Clock:junk. rusty button clock. – junk. group gifts. FREE

Candle Holder:junk. group gifts. FREE

Skybox:=EliBaily= Skybox- Eloquence Gift – no longer available

Couch and armchair:[ zerkalo ] The infamous set – Group Gift  – FREE

Left  corner


Bean bag chair:[ zerkalo ] Bean Bag Chair – Group Gift – FREE

Bambu:-Hanaya- Kadomatsu 2015 – no longer available



Cabinet:. :: VALEM ::.   Full Perm Mesh Gift Cabinet – 10L Marketplace

Shells:nordari. / my world in a shell. was free

Bench:junk. sled seat. forest. – junk. group gifts. FREE





on table

CoffePot and cups: [U1] Antoinette Beverage Set –FREE Marketplace

Dishes:Asian Kitchen Set 1.2 – FREE Marketplace

Tray with strawberry juicy:poche Early summer strawberry soda – was free

Food:[NC] – August Gift – Pani’s Food (WEAR ME!) FREE

Cupcakes:Pink And Zains Wedding Store [SUMMERTIME Hunt Boxed]




Bunnies:Kawaii bunny vases boxed. BananaN     FREEMarketplace


Right Corner



Sofa:[ zerkalo ] Leather Couch – Brown – Adult FREE

Stool:.Mesh Stool [ Kcic ] – FREEMarketplace

Mirror:**Frogstar –  GIFT! Nautical Mirror

Frame:**Frogstar –  GIFT! Sheepie Shadowbox

Fame 2:[Breno] Pride Board was free


#2252 Vases:

TC – Japanese Moss Ball in Bowl Kokedama FREE Marketplace

junk. tinned plant. tea. – junk. group gifts. FREE

Basket:[ zerkalo ] Basket – Group Gift – March 2015 (still available at mainstore) FREE


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