free decor - cute garden

free decor - cute gardenfree decor - cute garden

Skybox:~*GOD*~ Wood Glade – Forest FREEMarketplace

Gazebo:{Unwind) – Pergola (Mesh) – FREE Marketplace

Hope letters and flowers:T-Spot & [WaM] – RFL Hope FREEMarketplace

Parrot and cage  FREE Jade’s Home&GardenMarketplace

Cakes:tms strawberry black forest cake – exclusive!! and Pizza’s – Polar Bear Cake –  was free

Mini cakes:Traditional Mooncakes (Mesh) 1L Marketplace

Champagne:Champagne Server Tray – Click for a glass – Weddings By Nienna Wood – Gift & New Landmark – was free

Yogurt:Fancy Decor: Plain Frozen Yogurt (wear me) – Fancy Decor: Free Plain FroYo – was free

Table:Vintage Touch July Group Gift – was free

Cushion:LTD Ruffles Cushion – was free Apple Fall

Chair:junk. operator’s chair. dark -junk. f r e e  g i f t! ❤ operator’s chairs.- was free


Whiskey:{SB}  Shaedy Whiskey – was free

Cup of coffee:[ zerkalo ] Coffee and Chocolate – Group Gift – April – was free

Cupcakes:~*SB*~ Bakery Sampler :: -KiyomizuHunt#59 Suzy’s Bakery- was free

Bottles:Gift from [ keke ]- was free

Plate:Piatto in mesh – FREEMarketplace

Lantern:::M-Arc Mirror:: Mesh Lantern FREE Marketplace

Book:Dutchie free mesh book FREE Marketplace

WindChime:Jian :: *Gacha Garden EXCLUSIVE* Blossom Wind Chime- was free

Statue:Baby Buddha statues – 1L Marketplace

Birdfeeder:{Lyrical}Tea Cup Bird Feeders – was free (by Aryiana Novelli)


Poppies Flowers With Bird  – FREE Jade’s Home&GardenMarketplace

Pot With Roses- FREE Jade’s Home&GardenMarketplace

Light Green Tree In Pot- FREE Jade’s Home&GardenMarketplace

Apple Tree In Pot- FREE Jade’s Home&GardenMarketplace

LB_Bilbo{Potted}*Birch  – was free

Stump:{Lyrical} Ladybug Stump Tic Tac Toe – was free (by Aryiana Novelli)

Stones:Mesh Stone with branches v.1 – FREE Marketplace

Fontain:[noctis] White Orchid birdbath  – 22769 ~ [noctis] TGGS Gift- was free


Vase w/ books:Forget Me Not – nMeshed Gift- was free

DD White Primrose Flower Pot FREEMarketplace

DD Purple Flower Bowl FREEMarketplace

cinphul // Lavande [Cosmo Gift]- was free


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