#2435 – Stay with me

Stay with me

SkinApplier:.:[PUMEC] :. – .:Molly L8:. –  /  May \  – SKIN (Catwa) NEW Limit8

MeshEyes:[PUMEC]  –  / Mesh Eyes \   – PACK #3

Hair:TRUTH VIP – April – FREE

Bow:Magika Group Gift – Big Bow – FREE

Lipstick:** [PUMEC]  –  Lipstick Pack #9 –  FOR CATWA HEADS HUD **

MeshEars:.:[PUMEC]  :.  – / Mesh Ears\   –  LITTLE STAR – NEW

Dress:[hh] GIFT Gigi Dress – FREE

Cup:Astralia – Cute frappuccino FREE


Background:ECKLE – Wooden Panel Photography Background  – FREE

#2432 – Be my guest

My room 5

Wardrobe doors:02 [Glitzz] Sweet – Wall Damask White –  Gacha  The  Gacha Guardians

Curtains:Candy Crunchers – Curtain – Free Gift

Green pillows:*pm* Tapestry Throw Pillows – Stiff: Mod Spring – Mint Stripe – was free

Window:MCK-Window-Frame part of {XO} Full Perm – Modern Cottage Kitchen *** 1L

Window bench:Little Llama – Savant Window Seat RARE –  Gacha  The  Gacha Guardians

Pow frame:Pow Retro Comic Art by Zen Creations

Clock:Belle Epoque { Vintage Clock }- Gift The Liason Collaborative

Emoticon neon lamp:ninety – smile neon [ gift ] – Gimme Gacha Group Gift at  The  Gacha Guardians

Wood Sign:Fiasco – Woodshop Measure Sign Gift  – Gimme Gacha Group Gift at  The  Gacha Guardians

My room 2

My room 1

Shelves:Mori. ladder shelves  –  Gacha  The  Gacha Guardians

Painel on wall:RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Art Showroom Wall Decor  – Gimme Gacha Group Gift at  The  Gacha Guardians


Bamboo::Soy + Toro. water bamboo – was free

Pineapple:MadPea Pineapple Lantern  – Gimme Gacha Group Gift at  The  Gacha Guardians

Elephants:KITE – Ellyment GIFT  – Gimme Gacha Group Gift at  The  Gacha Guardians

Statue:darkendStare. Mini Baphomet Statue (gold) Gift  – Gimme Gacha Group Gift at  The  Gacha Guardians

Candles:*pm* 7 Day Prayer Spell Candle – Green Glass– was free

Gum Machine:MadPea Gumball Machine – Bubble Pea 13000 – was free

Green Ornament:The Half Moon Market – Spiral Egg – Green  – Gimme Gacha Group Gift at  The  Gacha Guardians

Vase+books::Little Llama –  Savant Plant-  Gacha  The  Gacha Guardians

Clock Books:Little Llama – Savant Desk Clock –  Gacha  The  Gacha Guardians

Mushroom:Mushroom 1 – Gift. BananaN – was free

My room 3

Soda:Soy + Toro. cola set – Kustom9

Food:Soy + Toro. Half-eaten Khao Phat Kustom9

Watering can:Day Dreamer – Watering Can  – Gimme Gacha Group Gift at  The  Gacha Guardians

Plant:_White Dandelion_Spring./2013

Mug:Little Llama – Bookworm Mug  – Gimme Gacha Group Gift at  The  Gacha Guardians

Mug + donut:Kei’s Donut Cafe Mug (hurts) rez me!- was free

Egg planter:22769 – Egg Planter  – Gift The Liason Collaborative

Tool:..::THOR::.. Gardener Shear  –  Gacha  The  Gacha Guardians

Book lamp:Little Llama – Savant Lamp –  Gacha  The  Gacha Guardians

Table:..::THOR::.. Old Shabby Table –  Gacha  The  Gacha Guardians

My room 4


Heart shelf:Mori. pixel heart shelf . banana   – Gimme Gacha Group Gift at  The  Gacha Guardians

Can:22769 – Jerry Can – free Gift  – Gimme Gacha Group Gift at  The  Gacha Guardians

Pictures frame:Mori. card holder

Star lamp:Quasi – Star Light

Toolbox:Garden Tool Box

Basket:i { DH } Craft Paper Basket  – Gimme Gacha Group Gift at  The  Gacha Guardians

Seat:[DD] Tree stump seat

Boots w/kitten:JIAN Kitten Booties :: Decor Sleepies – was free

Cat and dog: box of the store :BoWillow:

My room 6

Bed:LAGOM-wheelbarrow, Guardian Gift.- Gimme Gacha Group Gift at  The  Gacha Guardians

Chest:[V/W] Decorative Chest Bench Brown

Rug:~Libertine~ floor messy cloth 2015 – Gift Vintage Gacha Fair

Chair:[tmk] vintage iron chair – was free

Puzzle Lamp:[Kres] Piece of my Heart – Radioactive GIFT

Heart mirrors::.EARTHWORX.: Heart Mirrors not free

Fox sit:NACH Fox Reading Chair – was free (The Gacha Garden)

Wall hanger:[V/W] Rag Hanger- Gimme Gacha Group Gift at  The  Gacha Guardians

Seat:*AF* Herb Garden Log Seat- Gimme Gacha Group Gift at  The  Gacha Guardians

Sled:CONVAIR Rocket Sled 1936 – wall – was free

Print:[ zerkalo ] Boho Spring Sign Free

#2430-I miss you

I miss you

Skin Applier:.:[PUMEC]  :. – .:Dominika:.- /May\ – FOR CATWA HEADS not free

Mesh Eyes:### [PUMEC]    –  / Mesh Eyes \   – PACK #4 –not free

Hair:.:EMO-tions:. * TLC * birthday gift was free

Mesh Ears:— [PUMEC]   TCF Gacha (Ears /CATWA App-s)  Gacha – The Chapter Four 

Horns:{Meridian~ heaven} horns .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:..Vintage Gacha gift box  was free

Dragonfly on nose:* Cute Lotus * Orange Dragonfly on Nose – * The liaison Collaborative Birthday Gift * was free


Rings for Bento Hands: [PUMEC]    – Rings Set #1 – For VISTA HANDS  – NEW

Bodysuit: SixEssence-Sheer Bodysuit White 70L

Tattoo:Yantra Tattoo – Black [CAROL G]

Pose:<EMOZIONE> Pose **Poem In You**!  .. by Niani  – GIFT – 1L

Garden:-Garden- by anc “secret garden” ROSE {poet/breach rose}


I miss you

#2423-A mother has born

A mother has born

Hair:Tableau Vivant \\ Hairplay – Front Blow – Fades  – Gacha – The Arcade

Tiara:*[BB] Royal Gold and Silver Crowns  – Gacha – The Arcade

Wings:#8 Blueberry – Iconic Doll – Wings – Red – Maitreya  – Gacha – The Arcade

Bra:#22 Blueberry – Iconic Doll – Bra – Red – Maitreya  – Gacha – The Arcade

Panties:#16 Blueberry – Iconic Doll – Panties – Red – Maitreya  – Gacha – The Arcade

Baby:*[BB] A Prince is Born Naked 02  – Gacha – The Arcade